Best Espresso Machine Under 500 Dollars? Here are my findings!

2017 UPDATE – Here are my top three picks for the best espresso machine under 500 dollars.

Brevile BES840XL Infuser Espresso Machine

The home coffee machine is a great choice if you are looking for more control and stability without necessarily spending more. Breville made it possible to develop a model that has a pre-infusion and low pressure settings that will still provide the flavourful aroma and taste. It was engineered to provide the semi-automatic operation that incorporates some of the best from more expensive espresso makers.


  • Two-Piece Thermal System. The coffee machine is made with an advanced thermocoil heating system, which is combined using a gasket. It eliminates the leakage issue present in the BES840 model. Furthermore, the thermal settings are more accurate, particularly for the water heat by using the electronic Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID). Through this system, you would certainly have the best espresso you could have.

  • Pre-Programmed Volume. You can decide either to have single or double shots of the espresso beforehand. You may also override the setting manually depending on your preference. If you are a beginner in using the machine, you may settle with the default setting first. Nonetheless, if you are an experienced barista, you have the power to refine every serving with different brew time and volume.

  • Pre-Infusion Feature. The machine makes use of low pressure to extract the coffee beans, resulting to extra crema and flavor. This is paired with the 15-bar pump, preventing over-pressure in the entire coffee preparation.

  • Portability. The coffee maker is highly portable since it will not only save a space on your countertop, but could easily fit in your kitchen cabinets. It has a 54 mm integrated tamper, which you could use to press on the counter or board.

  • Easy-Filling Water Tank. The container could be found in the coffee maker’s hind part, which has an access at the top. It has a reminder wheel notifying if you need to replace the filter.

  • Temperature Control. It will automatically change the temperature for steaming to brewing automatically. It takes around 15 seconds for the machine to undergo recovery phase.

  • Extraction Pressure Test. Using the gauge for pressure, you could track or test the pressure used in coffee extraction.


  • Incredibly fast machine

  • Produces decent-tasting drinks

  • High quality bean grinder

  • Professional barista-standard results

  • Unbelievably inexpensive, considering it may be the best espresso machine under 500 dollars.


  • Pump may be underpowered

  • Uncontrollable milk temperature

Gaggia Brera Superautomatic Espresso Machine

The machine promises to provide you a coffee similar to what you usually order in your favorite café. It is an easy-to-use coffee maker, which will not only deliver the professional results, but the convenience right in your kitchen. It gives you the power to select the strength and length of espresso based on your liking. Many baristas swear that this is hands-down the best espresso machine under 500 dollars, due to its restaurant quality results. 

The product is designed to save energy, particularly now that it reduces the time for the coffee preparation. It also has a sleep mode. After being on for an hour, it will automatically switch to sleep mode. You will be notified with its red-blinking power button.

It is very easy to use since you simply have to pour in the coffee beans. Afterwards, you fill the tank with water. Press the start button. Lastly, simply wait for the coffee to be brewed for drinking.


  • Automatic Cleaning. The espresso maker is very easy to maintain since it has an automatic circuit cleaning feature, which guarantees hygiene and longevity of your appliance. Moreover, you no longer have to worry if your espresso is totally free from toxic-like taste.

  • Coffee Purity Retention. The machine has a durable ceramic grinder, which will maintain your coffee’s purity and aroma. The grinding feature could also be set to deliver fine to coarse beans.

  • Original Gaggia Descaler. The life span of your espresso maker would surely be lengthened through the help of the machine’s high quality descaler.

  • Digital Display. Navigate easily using its digital controls, which will also provide you instant notifications on your machine’s status.

  • Even Coffee Moistening. You could guarantee that your coffee beans are properly moistened even prior the brewing process.

  • More Taste Varieties. The machine has a ground coffee compartment, which allows switching to ground coffee and filling another for espresso.


  • Easy-to-use

  • Grinds coffee beans before brewing

  • Produces smooth espresso

  • Takes less time to pre-heat

  • No report of quick breakdown


  • Water tank requires frequent refill

  • Looks cheap, considering price point. (Others disagree and enjoy the simplicity of design)

De’Longhi EC680M DEDICA 15-Bar Pump Espresso Machine

Our final contender for best espresso machine under 500 dollars is this pump model by Delonghi. The EC680M delivers the traditional experience in making espresso and cappuccino at home. It is well-known for its extremely compact design, making it ideal for any place in your kitchen. The brewer saves space and requires very small storage area. The product has a patented cappuccino system, which will give you superior foam that is thick, long-lasting, and rich all at the same time. Although it is an automatic coffee maker, you may still tweak other settings depending on your liking.


  • Professional Milk Frothing. The manual frother of the machine will provide you creamy and rich foam. It mixes milk, water, and air evenly. Other than cappuccino, you could also use it in brewing tea and preparing Americanos. Its temperature is kept at safe level through the built-in regulator of steam.

  • Sufficient Pressure. The espresso machine works at the right pressure with the help of its 15-bar supply. Plus, it notifies if you need to descale your machine.

  • User-Friendly Control Panel. You could make your custom drinks using its intuitive controls and well-lit three buttons.

  • More Energy Savings. In case you forgot to turn off the machine, it will switch to the standby mode automatically. This will save you a lot of bucks.

  • Cup Pre-Heating. The steady temperature of your beverages will be maintained using its built-in cup warming feature. Prior to adding your coffee shots, easily heat up your mugs or glasses.


  • Replicates commercial espresso machines well

  • Produces frequently commended espresso

  • No guesswork

  • Easy milk steaming

  • Sleek and polished design


  • Difficult to clean plastic filter holder

  • Reports of water leakage

I’d love to hear your thoughts, if you have ever tested in any of these models. Do you agree with my results? What do YOU think is the best espresso machine under 500 dollars?